I appreciated this class greatly.  It took my head out of what was on the screen, and brought it out in front of the screen, and into the space that the screen occupies.  Instead of mearly considering how the viewer considers the content of the screen, I was able to view how the view engages the screen, and the space surrounding it.  It greatly helped me contextualize my medium of choice.

Instead of only seeing the screen, mouse, and keyboard as the interface to interactive computational-based work, I was able to see through the computer as a mere connection between many other forms of interface.  It reminded me of the vest possibilities that were presented in OMNI and Beyond 2000, the past histories where the possibilities had not even been mapped, leaving only the creative to navigate a course.

As with anything, there was room for improvements, thankfully.  A perfectly mapped out course curriculum is stifling.  There was room for student/instructor exploration of the new.  This exploration with an experienced hand, was one of the best educational experiences I’ve had to date.

the need for blogging the work was key to my rebuilding of my personal website/blog.  this professional practice reinforcement is what is latently needed in more classes.  Not only did I learn a great deal about the curriculum, but I now present my findings with my artistic following in a professional, current manner.

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