My time at PNCA is capped with a thesis project.  Since the moment I’ve walking in the door of the school, I’ve been brainstorming on what my thesis would be.  I have notebooks of ideas, and a few independent projects that would have sufficed to fill the requirement.  Simply “filling the requirement” has alway been in opposition of how I work.  I want work filled with inspiration, that shines.  Enter Pete Miser.
Pete hit me up in my middle of my thesis proposal year about working on a video in conjunction with the release of a forthcoming album, Depression Era Thinking.  He wasn’t really looking for something specific, and remarked on doing a montage of b-roll of footage (mostly aerial) from the Portland area.  He wasn’t looking for someone to specifically fullfull his particular vision of a “hip hop” video, but instead someone who would look it without sticking to the troupes of a “rap video.”  Despite having been a hiphop dj/graffiti writer, falling into the cliches of hiphop.
With the above in mind, I wrote a treatment divided into 3 acts.  The first gives the viewer an easy access point

The above screentest was used to determine the mood of the video in relationship to the mood of Pete’s new album.  The music is overshadowed with emotional pain.  It doesn’t mire in self-misery but also doesn’t move away from engaging the source of pain; the death of Pete’s mother and two oldest brothers.  This makes for very delicate material to work with.