2018, 12″ x 18″, CNC’d Finished Plywood

Constructed using several layers of plywood, measuring the heights of the various plies, setting the height of the various elements of the 3d model to correspond, and then using a CNC to subtract the material and expose the different colors and grains of the plies.  The end result allows for a resilient final product that plays with the many hidden and sometimes surprising colors and woodgrains.  The final piece was then hand scraped to bring out the tactility of the grain, while leaving it smooth feeling.

This material and process was chosen for NWIPA as a way to represent the neighborhood and ethos of the establishment.  The plywood is analogous to Outer SE Portland.  Splintery, layered, compressed, and almost never spoken of; made of scraps.  The lettering is from my years in SE Portland where I learned to write graffiti.  Coincidentally, nearly across the street from NWIPA is the building that held the office of my juvenile probation officer, an officer assigned to me due to the frequency of my graffiti related offenses.  The graffiti handstyle is directly derived from that very neighborhood, perfected over decades.  The sign is meant to show its age, like any old pub sign should.