Earthworm, In Three Parts

The records that were sampled were chosen at random from my yard sale collection. They were all in poor condition, scratched, dusty, stored for decades without dust covers. I made no effort to repair the sound. I wanted it crunchy. I recorded the parts I was interested in, and laid them out in Audition. Conveniently this is how I started making music in the first place, back in 2002. I used to use Cool Edit Pro, which was later bought by Adobe, and then called Audition. It felt natural to use it for this kind of work.

For the arrangement of the song, I allowed the elements of the some to simply present themselves, without any effects, and only minor EQ’ing. I kept the arrangement simple, until the finish of the 1st part. The 2nd part introduces the use of timestretching and stereo field manipulation to pull the sound apart into the listening space. I do not normalize my tracks, as I love a dynamic range of volume. The whole some serves to set up the 3 part. This is where I take each sample and stretch it excessively to create an entirely new feel, while maintaining a subtle connection to the rest of the song.
The secondary intent of the work is to take the mood from slow and lighthearted, to a more aggressively introspective one.