AeroPress Organizer

I stumbled across Sandwich Video whilst looking at assorted marketing video examples.  I was struck by the use of humor in the commercials, but was more struck by their client list.  Most were epic new products that were up and coming.  Maybe that’s due to Sandwich’s marketing wizardry, I don’t know.  What I know what that after seeing their video for the Aeropress, I had to have one.

After about a year of using the Aeropress and having long since ditched my drip coffee maker, I wanted a neat and attractive away to store and dry my Aeropress bits.  I went clicking away on Amazon and ordered a simple looking bamboo stand with good ratings.  When it showed up, so did my disappointment.  It was very cheaply made, and the design was lazy and uninspiring to look at.  Every morning I had to revisit this disappointment while making my morning cup.  I started sketching up ideas in my head and collecting placement ideas and features that I wished my junk organizer had.  After my CNC machine arrived, I vowed to immediately get to work on making a replacement organizer.

Initially I went with something very loosely based off the Amazon unit, and quickly realized it was wasting a lot of material and manufacturing time.  I went back to the drawing board and started all over.  The next unit proved to be a much better use of materials, and in my opinion, much better looking.