La, La, La

Digging out of the pandemic shutdown hole is and will continue to be a challenge.  I had just gotten to a point where I was working regularly, just to have that knocked back by at least a year.  The shutdown did allow me to really lean into my work, up my skills, and allow me time to reflect on where I want to be.

Technically and creatively this represents my best work to date.  I’ve come to love my Red Komodo and it’s small form factor that easy rigs to gimbals, jibs, sliders, and is great handheld.  The color science I’ve realized is exactly what I’d been trying to get out of all my previous cameras. I’ve almost exclusively been shooting in 6k .R3D unless shooting off speed.  The dynamic range of the sensor and the big data of the .R3D files allow for a wide range of options when editing. Long gone are the pains of shooting with Sony and having to thread the needle of over-exposing by two stops to get the most dynamic range and avoiding noisy blacks.