Glyph Series

The first thing that drew me towards anything that can be called an art practice was graffiti murals. After seeing my first one in person, I was amazed by the rhythm and movement contained in the vibrant and repeatedly outlined lettering.  My adolescent self engaged in criminal creative expression at the expense of corporate real estate, ad space, and transportation infrastructure.  After having my movements confined to concrete cubicles for ever increasing lengths of time, I relegated my practice to vestige of childhood.

During my time in art school, it was inevitable that I would have to revisit my earlier artist self.  To criticize, analyze, and contextualize what it was that I was really doing.  As a white Portland suburbanite, my love of all things hip-hop was sparked by a far flung echo of the cultural explosion that happened in the Bronx 10 years before.

…Post in progress…

Currently there are 3 completed Glyph pieces, with a 4th in production.  As with most of my projects, there will be 12 in the series before it is retired.  As much as I love these works, I love the process of discovery much more.


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