Reaction to Legalism.

The project uses the punishment/reward principles of the Chinese philosophy of Legalism.  Collaborative compliance is rewarded, non-collaboration is punished, individualism ignored.

Project Functions:

Ples           Stereotypically pleasant videos and sounds.
UnPles     Stereotypically unpleasant videos and sounds.
Ples+        Brighter, more vibrant pleasant videos and sounds.
MMc          MaKey MaKey circuit completion
PosRef     Affirmation of intended action, positive reinforcement.

  • When no one is around, the project sits dormant, but is always scanning
  • Once one or more people are detected, it triggers the slow transition into Ples
  • If only one person is detected, the state remains in Ples
  • If there are more than one person detected, it triggers a timer.
  • After a specified length of time, set to the timer, there is a slow crossfade to UnPles
  • If MMc, before UnPles, then the slow crossfade to Ples+
  • If MMc after UnPles, then slow crossfade to Ples+
  • Upon MMc, PosRef.



Now that all that is down on paper, I can use it as a reference for building the interface.  It works great as a checklist of actors.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.39.28 PM