A route I remember more than any other, is my walk from home, to my elementary school.  Which is odd.  I normally took the bus, and when I walked, would typically walk a different route.  My most travelled route being through a residential area.  It maybe that as I got older, and brave enough to walk on the busier street, I became more aware of the details of this route.

_MG_2896I see the route from as my doorstep.

_MG_2897I was shy as a kid.  I tended to look at the ground when I walked.  I was self-conscious of my shoes.

_MG_2903My route was quiet.  It was rare that I would see anyone.  As an only child, my perspective of the world was that as a individual,  inspecting the world from the outside, looking in.

_MG_2905_1Then there was Stark St.  A more serious street name there never was.  5 lanes wide, with a speed limit of 40mph.  It was a thrill to cross. Marked crosswalks were 20 blocks apart.  Frogger taught me everything I needed.

_MG_2909There were several small business along the street.  Chiropractors, Lawyers, later to be replaced with gun shops and convenience stores.

_MG_2915There were a few undeveloped lots that I would skip through to save time.

_MG_2916If I was walking, it was because I missed the bus.  When walking up to the school, it was always odd to see the grounds without other kids running around.