Mnemonic Device


A route I remember more than any other, is my walk from home, to my elementary school.  Which is odd.  I normally took the bus, and when I walked, would typically walk a different route.  My most travelled route being through a residential area.  It maybe that as I got older, and brave enough to walk on the busier street, I became more aware of the details of this route.

_MG_2896I see the route from as my doorstep.

_MG_2897I was shy as a kid.  I tended to look at the ground when I walked.  I was self-conscious of my shoes.

_MG_2903My route was quiet.  It was rare that I would see anyone.  As an only child, my perspective of the world was that as a individual,  inspecting the world from the outside, looking in.

_MG_2905_1Then there was Stark St.  A more serious street name there never was.  5 lanes wide, with a speed limit of 40mph.  It was a thrill to cross. Marked crosswalks were 20 blocks apart.  Frogger taught me everything I needed.

_MG_2909There were several small business along the street.  Chiropractors, Lawyers, later to be replaced with gun shops and convenience stores.

_MG_2915There were a few undeveloped lots that I would skip through to save time.

_MG_2916If I was walking, it was because I missed the bus.  When walking up to the school, it was always odd to see the grounds without other kids running around.




Project 1

The first ideas of the project are always the hardest.  Mining the ether. The first ideas thrown around with Tara and I, were to use several devices to orchestrate an interactive graphic.  Similar to a magic show using mobile devices.

This is where we got caught up in trying to expand the project to incorporate something a little more directly interactive.  Another suggestion was to create a group drawing using an app, and a group of users in a common space.  The speed of motion would affect the rate at which the participants line would “bleed”.  The drawing would have some basic outline that the participant could use as a starting point, or they could ignore it entirely. And then the group disbanded.

I then moved into Avery and Teagan’s group. The run down I picked up is that we are going to interview volunteers on how they think the internet and holistic healing work.  We would have a designated interview space. I mentioned using the recorded videos and use common references as sync point in the video, displayed on separate monitors, and using multiple channels of sound.  With a third screen showing the face of the viewer.

As the project has evolved, it’s led me to continue to take on a production role.  Each of us in our group are interviewing two people, and the footage presented per the project spec.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.19.20 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.19.41 PM

Dj Kennedy

She takes her studio time very seriously. Where other kids would just make a mess, she tears it down! Like any great dj, she digs through record stacks for just the right sound. Everything is practiced until it is perfect, then practiced some more. Before it’s ready, it must meet the intense scrutiny of her own high expectations. In the end, she basks in the warmth of success.

Dj Kennedy adjusting the sub woofer volume.

Sub Woofer Volume

Practicing her set.

At the Helm

Dad keeps the good records on the fourth shelf.

Record Climbing

She knows you have to check out the sound from the listener’s perspective.

Sound Check

The set sounds good, now to practice it a few more times.

Music Meditation

Basking the warmth of success.


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Droning Pains

Despite my vigilance, I became a statistic.  I saw something of beauty, and had to have it.  Despite my gut feelings, I ignored them, and reached for the big piece of candy.  And then watched it fly away like a candy wrapper in the wind.

Here’s my letter to B&H Photo about my DJI Phantom 2 flyaway.  a similar email was sent to DJI.

“Hello there B&H!

I purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Bundle w/GoPro Black and Hardcase (Invoice #1029501118B&H# DJP2GCBHCK).

I’ve been working my towards flying a camera laden drone for the last two years.  Starting with small, cheap quads, and practicing my flying.  When the time was right, I researched what would do the best job of flying a camera, within my price range.  The Phantom 2 with Zenmuse gimbal quickly jumped on my radar.  I then researched the pros, cons, and feedback on the internet.  The “flyaway” problem quickly caught my attention.  I then contacted B&H support about this problem, and the response I got, combined with the word on the web, was that it was caused by improper calibration, and user error.  This was enough to ease my concerns, and after getting a school scholarship to pay for the drone, I bought one from you (B&H).

I spend days reading the material that shipped with it and developed a checklist to go down before every flight.  I felt like I was using my military heavy background once again, ensuring everything was ready to go, and procedures followed before every mission.  I would check that every connector was firmly attached, props tight, compass calibrated, controller switches in the proper position, and that no less than 8 satellites were locked in.  I set the Phantom 2 to fly no higher than 400 ft, and it’s max distance was also 400 ft.  I would never fly in a mode other than GPS, with the Phantom 2 in Phantom mode, never NAZA-H.

And then, after almost a month of wonderful, beautiful image capturing flying, it happened.  While flying about 30 ft away, the Phantom stopped responding to controls, and started to fly away.  I was able to stop it from flying into nearby traffic by switching it into RTH mode. This reversed the Phantom’s direction, but proceeded to fly at full speed, out of control toward a crowd of people.  Before things got nasty, I cut motor power, and let the Phantom fall to the ground.

One set of props were damaged, my GoPro is damaged, and the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal is completely inoperative.

I knew before buying this setup that there was the chance of something happening, something user-caused.  But this was not.  There very clearly was a device not operating as intended.

I’ve contacted DJI, and thought it also might help to contact you.  If there’s anything B&H can do to help me get this repaired, maybe inspected, I would be grateful.

Adam “Droneless” Simmons”

I’m expecting a helpful response from B&H, as any other time I’ve contacted them, they’ve bent over backwards to help.  I once wrote a negative review on their site of a poorly performing product, and without a word, they refunded me for the item.  And their phone support has always been impressively genuine and helpful.

Fingers crossed.  Until then, I’m saving pennies to send it off to the drone shop down the road.



** Follow Up **

Here’s the letter from B&H:

“Hello Adam Simmons, my name is Ken K.: 

Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio. 

I’m terribly sorry about what happened with this. At this point it would be taken care of by DJI since it’s past our return period. They will definitely help you with this as it’s covered by their warranty. I apologize for the inconvenience and aggravation. 

Please let us know if you require any further assistance. 

Thank you, we appreciate your business.”

Outside of the warrantee period.  Fair enough.  I appreciate the sympathetic tone of the response.  Now to wait for DJI to respond…


**DJI’s Response**

Hello Adam Simmons,

Thank you for your email.

We apologize for the inconvenience however, we can no longer offer RMA numbers through email. We will need to ask you to call our support center at 818 235 0789. We recommend contacting us Weds – Friday 2:30 PM to 4:45 PM. Our normal business hours are Mon – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM however, our queue does close at 4:30 so you must call prior to this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused however we are taking steps to enhance our Customer Support and reach out to them within a quicker manner. If you are unable to receive a ticket number or enter into the phone queue we will need you to keep trying as any request through email for repairs can no longer be processed.


DJI Technology Management Team.

I’ll make the call, and report back.  It’s unfortunate that I won’t have the ability to transcript the phone call to post here.  I’ll try my best to accurately recap the upcoming conversation.