Reaction to Legalism, 2014

– Projection, Video, Sound, Wood, Graphite, Interactive Performance

The Chinese philosophy of Legalism was brutally pragmatic.  You complied or you died.  This social structure was adopted in the wake of great social turmoil and war.

Reaction to Legalism does not bother itself with the individual.  It seeks to create cooperative compliance, sparing the citizen the UnPles.  The compliant are implicated in Reaction to Legalism by bearing a mark of compliance.


The room is scanned for participants.  Once two users are found, they are presented with natural, calming sights and sounds while being presented with a passively self-instructional artifact.  If compliant action isn’t received in a timely fashion, then users sensations are subverted towards compliance.  The User Implication Device (UID) allows people to avoid punishment through compliance.  This compliance is rewarded by either maintaining or returning to the pleasant state.

*Thank you to: Ben Glas, Tera Kraft, Hilary Tsai, Avery Gilbert, Jason Williams, Carl Diehl, Dr. Ryan Jordan, Stephen Slappe, and PNCA.

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