Portland to New York

The Call

I’m a hip hop nerd from Portland.  I grew up in the suburbs of Portland, mostly in the poorer parts.  I was introduced to Hip Hop early and fell in love with all that it offered.  Naturally I was very interested in those doing any aspect of hip hop in my hometown.  One of such of those was the Five Fingers of Funk.  They had a unique sound that caught my attention.  And as I started down my own musical route locally, the front man for FFoF Pete Miser announced he was moving to New York in search of a hip hop scene large enough to sustain a career.  Pete and I exchanged a few email/messages over the years.  In the way that the internet allows, we kept up with one another’s creative practices, his music and paper craft, mine ever deeper into video production and drone piloting.  Pete shot me a message asking for a call to chat about an upcoming project.

Music & Video

Initially Pete brought up doing a simple video, a non-music video.  I suggested that pushing it a little more would make for a great thesis project.